Training On, Stepping Up

DEREK Adams has indicated that some of Argyle's squad players could force a way into the first team if they prove they are better than the players already in the starting 11.

Argyle have several young professionals around the squad; the likes of Tyler Harvey, Aaron Bentley and Ben Purrington, have progressed from Argyle's academy in recent years: "They have to prove to me they are ready to go in to the first team and to do that they have to play well in the reserve games," said Derek. "They have all trained well over pre-season. They will be part of the first-team squad this season. It's up to them to prove that they are better than the ones that are in the starting 11. That's the challenge they've got to look forward to, and I'm sure they will try and do that.

"The jump between reserve team and under-18 football up to first team is a big jump. We will work with them and give them opportunities in the reserve team and coach them and try and get them into the first-team."

This summer saw Louis Rooney and Callum Hall being offered their first professional contracts at Argyle, and Adams says they have to benefit from training with the first team: "They are in the first-team squad and that's the way it has happened. 

"I do believe the system is wrong, where you go from under-18 football into first team football. There is not a gap between the two and that is due to finance as well. There's not enough money to go around for a reserve team and that's just the way it is. They have to train every day with the first team and get the benefits of that. Play reserve games when there are reserve games and they will be ready to progress when the time is right.

"They will have the opportunity to play some games, it would be for more of a fitness thing, in the Peninsula League on a Saturday or Monday that will give them game time. But obviously, they have to play at a higher standard to try and make them develop."

There has been no progression on Adams' search for new loan signings, but he is still working at it: "There is no one else coming in at this point in time, but were working away in the background to try and achieve that and maybe over the coming weeks we'll be able to do that. I'm still working away in the background and just assessing what we need. We're obviously limited to what we can do but we're still working."

"It doesn't just depend on me it depends on the other club. If it was to happen before the start of the season then that would be great, if not then we'll deal with that."