Loan Danger

WITH the possibility of an overhaul of the emergency loan system in future seasons, John Sheridan has voiced some concerns about the effect a change of approach may have.

Footballing governing bodies are discussing bringing in new rules that would limit the practise of signing players on short-term loans outside of transfer windows. Argyle have made good use of the emergency loan system this season, bringing in Andy Kellett and Olly Lee from Championship sides Bolton Wanderers and Birmingham City as well as signing Bobby Reid and Drew Talbot – who was recalled earlier this week - from League 1 sides Bristol City and Chesterfield.

“I think it would affect us really badly,” John said. “Any team that’s in the lower division – and I think any manager will tell you – you need that loan system. FIFA probably don’t think about the second division or the lower leagues, they’re just worried about the big boys unfortunately. That’s the way the game is going.

“Especially where we are based. People do not understand how difficult it is. We can talk about getting all these players five years ago when we were in the Championship. Believe me, there was a lot more money knocking about as well.

“If I was giving them double the money, they’d probably come here but it doesn’t work like that anymore. 

“We try our best; I think our loan players have been really good for us and I think I’ve done really well in the loan market this season, but that’s just something we have to do.

“I don’t want loans, I want permanent players. I wish people would understand that. I don’t want to sign any loan players; I would love to have all my players as permanent.

“I see people are saying that I sign too many players but there’s not a lot I can do about it; if I’m after a player and he doesn’t want to come permanently, I probably won’t get him. But if there’s an advantage of me getting him on loan, obviously I’m going to do it if I feel the player is a good player.”