Low Lee

ON-LOAN midfielder Olly Lee has described the red card he received against Exeter as the lowest point of his career.

The 23-year-old was dismissed in the second half over Argyle's 3-1 win against their Devon rivals, in what was the last game of his initial loan spell.

He would sit out three games through suspension, but once that was served, he returned to Home Park for a second time. 

"It was the lowest point in my career by a mile," said Olly, recalling the incident at St James Park. 

"I was devastated to do it in such a big game but it’s a mistake that I have got to learn from.

"I didn’t think I caught him, but the replays didn’t look too clever. I understand why I got sent off; it’s something that won’t happen again. 

"Straight after the game the manager said I want to get you back whatever happens, so that was a real boost for me."

Argyle have failed to win - indeed, failed to score - in three successive away games since the Exeter triumpth. It is a record Olly is keen to help put right this Saturday when the Pilgrims travel to Cheltenham Town.
"They’re going to be scrapping for their lives and we know what to expect this time," siad Olly. "There’s a lot of experience in the [Argyle] dressing room and we know they're going to be fighting for every ball. 

"We’ll step up to the plate and hopefully our footballing ability will shine though."

Argyle are likely to be backed by at least 1,000 members of the Green Army at the Abbey Business Stadium, and Olly - like everyone at Home Park - is keen to reward the supporters for their backing. 

He said: "It sounds a bit cliché, but they are the 12th man, and when they’re right behind us there's no better feeling; they really can push us on and get the three points. 

"It's one of the biggest fan bases in League 2. It is a really good atmosphere to be playing in, and it does not feel like a League 2 game when you’re playing at home. You have got a big crowd behind you, and it’s just a much better atmosphere than at other grounds we’ve played at where there may only be 1500 or so, so it does make a difference. 

"The away following is ridiculous; we got 500 at Dagenham on a Tuesday night, you have to commend them all and hats off to them for making the journey."