Total Respect

JOHN Sheridan has apologised to the Green Army after his passionate denunciation of the jeers that followed the Pilgrims’ 0-0 home draw with Newport County.

Four days on from the Sky Bet League 2 stalemate, and two days before Argyle visit Cheltenham, the Pilgrims’ manager said he understood the reaction from certain sections of the Green Army at the final whistle, which prompted his somewhat intemperate response in the post-match press briefing.

John recognised the fans’ frustrations and appealed for the unity which he believes will see the club reach the end-of-season play-offs.

“I have got total respect for the supporters,” said John. “Where I’m coming from is I thought that the second-half performance was a good performance, a bit of desire to get something and win the game; I didn’t feel it needed the response we got.

“I know, deep down, that it’s frustration and, when things haven’t happened for two or three or four years – when we have struggled – it’s even harder for them. So, at this moment in time, when we have got something, when we can achieve something and we’re not playing well, I just feel we need the support of everyone involved.

“If I sounded any way disrespectful, that is nowhere near what I am trying to say. People have got their opinion and if they feel as though I was being disrespectful, I am sorry – there is no way I meant to make them feel that way.

“The fans are the be all and end all of the club. The fans travel distances and support the team through thick and thin, pay good money. I appreciate that more than anyone. Whether they like me or not is nothing I can decide on –if they’ve got something against me, so be it.”

The jeering that greeted last Saturday’s final whistle – the conclusion of a third successive game in which Argyle failed to score – prompted an immediate response from the Argyle manager, who has since been criticised for letting his emotions show. He agrees.

“I don’t like people shouting unpleasant things to me, and I reacted,” he said. “I shouldn’t have reacted. I’m old enough and grown up enough.

“I want everyone to be happy at the end of the season by us achieving something, whether the football’s poor or whether it’s good. I know there’s a lack of goals. We’ve got a brilliant defensive record but the lack of goals is a big concern and it’s something, as a manager, I’ve got to improve on.”