Green Light Special

PLYMOUTH’S famous Smeaton’s Tower will be shining green tomorrow in support of Plymouth Argyle.

The lights around the iconic tower will be glowing green as the team and the Green Army head off to Berkshire to take on Wycombe Wanderers in the second leg of the play off.

Deputy leader Councillor Peter Smith said: “We wanted to wish the team best of luck and to let them know they have the whole city behind them.

“What better way of sending this signal than by having Smeaton’s Tower glowing green on Thursday night?”

The lighthouse has recently had a LED lighting system installed to better light up the tower to make it more visible at night. The lights are now on every evening and coloured lights will be used for special occasions and events.

Argyle chief executive Martyn Starnes said: “After the fans lit up Home Park on Saturday and kept us alive in the tie, we are delighted by this gesture from Plymouth City Council on behalf of the people of Plymouth.

“It is a shining example of what we believe: that when everyone gets behind Argyle, we are all – fans, players, the city – stronger together.”

Designed by John Smeaton in 1759, the lighthouse is a Grade I listed building which stood on the infamous Eddystone Rock, before being moved to Plymouth

Smeaton’s Tower features on Ocean City branding as well as numerous other reproductions that promote Plymouth as a historic and contemporary maritime city and a tourist destination.