Family Matters

OF all the factors that have helped Oscar Threlkeld settle in at Argyle, the incredible support of his grandparents is one that sticks out the most.

Making the switch to Home Park at the end of August, the Bolton Wanderers youngster has had the expected support of teammates and staff, as well as his loan and parent club. However the backing of his family has gone above and beyond to help Oscar feel comfortable in his first ever move away from Greater Manchester.

“I’ve always had support from my family,” said Threlkeld. “I’ve been on the phone to them every day, and they’re saying the same thing: ‘keep your head down, keep training hard.’ 

“If they need you, you need to be ready. If you’re not, they’ve got an excuse for you not to play or come on. 

"They’ve always been supportive, especially my nan and grandad. They absolutely love football. I’m not taking anything away from mum and dad, they’ve just always been busy. They’re not really into the game, whereas my nan and grandad are coming to every game. They’ll probably be coming to York on Saturday.

“I’ve always been on the phone to them, talking about my worries and positives, and they’ve always been supportive.”