Futsal Tour

ARGYLE Community Trust are now well under way with their superb tour of the USA for second-year Scholars on our hugely-popular Futsal programme.

The students travelled to the States on November 23, starting off in New York before trips to West Chester University in Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.

It is a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters to spend time with American families, benefiting from experienced Futsal coaches and playing games against established sides in the New York area.

As a Trust, we see the tour as a vital component in the Futsal scholarship and we would like to express our immense gratitude to Ward Williams Associates (WWA), construction consultants based across the South West, with an office at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth, for their incredible support in sponsoring all the kit that will be used by the scholars in the USA.

“The young players will benefit from this fantastic opportunity, which is unique to the scholarship,” said Course Director Mike Foley. “They will live with families in the United States, spending Thanksgiving in the Country, touring Universities and working with overseas’ coaches.

“There is the potential for our youngsters to go back to the States after completing their course  and they will be living with the families of Futsal players, which we would like to think will enable them to develop friends and contacts for the future.

“They will train with new coaches, giving them a brand new Futsal experience and a taste of the standard over there. The USA tour is something we will continue in the second year of every Futsal scholarship, acting as a valuable motivational tool to future scholars.

“The support of WWA has enabled the Trust to elevate the standard of the Tour to a new level and I would like to say a massive thank-you from the coaches and players for their generosity.

“It is a huge boost for the players to be given a full set of kit for the tour, empowering their connection to Plymouth Argyle and gives the players a real sense of professionalism.”

WWA Managing Director, Andy Snapes, said: “WWA are delighted to be able to support Argyle Community Trust and the players in sponsoring this tour, it is a great opportunity for the team to experience a different culture and to test themselves against teams that they would never ordinarily have the opportunity to play against. We wish them all the very best for a successful tour.”

Before they left these shores, we spoke to the sponsors from WWA, the coaches and players involved - you can watch the video below. 

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