On The Spot

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams has spotted that his side are yet to be awarded a penalty so far this season...

...and believes they had another sound spot-kick shout turned down in their draw with Leyton Orient.

After Curtis Nelson brought his side back on level terms following Jay Simpson’s stunning first-half opener, referee Andy Woolmer waved away penalty claims when Jake Jervis tussled for the ball with Jean-Yves M’voto inside the area. 

Woolmer received heavy criticism throughout the game from the stands and the touchline, and after the final whistle, Derek gave his opinion on the official’s display, including the penalty call.  

“We don’t seem to be getting any penalties," said Adams. "I think we may be the only team in the league that hasn’t had about a penalty, but we should’ve had about ten. That’s something that we’re annoyed about.

“It was a stone-wall penalty kick. He pulled Jake Jervis’ jersey back. I saw it from where I was standing. You could see the reaction of the fans – they certainly told you what they thought of the game. I certainly don’t have to say anything, because the whole public saw what was on show tonight.

“The amount of time wasting was incredible. The stoppages in time – the way that there was stoppages in play for injuries. For someone to get taken off injured, and for them to walk all the way to the half-way line instead of going off at the quickest accessible point - we all know the rules of the game."