Here, There, and Everywhere

PLAYING in multiple positions is an important commodity to possess, says Argyle striker turned right-winger Jake Jervis.

When Jake signed for the Pilgrims in the summer, he had spent much of his playing days as a striker. This season, however, under Derek Adams Jake has played the majority of the season as a right-winger, until reverting back to being a striker on Tuesday night against Oxford due to Reuben Reid's injury.

"You have got to nowadays." said Jake, asked about playing multiple positions. "You have got to play more than one position. That's what I have done, up front and out wide, Graham has played up front, out wide and number 10 and there are a few players like that, and you have got to be versatile.

"Playing out wide it has given me a bit more freedom to get on the ball and show a bit more of the ability I have got.

"There is not as much freedom there when you play through the middle. You have got a bit more responsibility to hold the ball up and you don't get the ball as much. Nevertheless I still enjoyed it, and I can play anywhere really.

"It was just getting back used to it. I've played there a lot before so I know a lot of positions. But it was getting used to getting into those positions and getting across the pitch."

Jake had played as a striker at previous clubs, but has had a successful transition to right-winger at Home Park, scoring seven goals in all competitions so far this season.

"Up until this season that is where I have played." said Jake about being a striker. "Since I have came here I felt I have done really well out wide. It has just given me a chance to express myself a bit more. I thought I would give it a go and the first game I did I scored two goals in pre-season. I was more than happy. From then on that's where I have started playing.

"We've got Reuben who is out at the minute but he is great at doing the job of holding the ball up and bringing people into the play, and me, I am more likely to and run in behind and use my pace a little bit more."

Argyle's strike-force includes Reuben, Ryan Brunt and Deane Smalley, who are all physical players, and Jake said he is happy to have players that can also be physical.

"I like it, to be honest," he said. "They can do that job and I can do the football side of things. At the minute we have not got Reubs but I am more than happy to chip in and help with that.

"Not only can he bring a ball down and bully a defender, but he has pace, he can turn on it. He's got everything you need in a striker. It's going to be a big miss at the minute."

At 6ft 4in, Jake offers a different prospect to Gregg Wylde on Argyle's flank, but that could be a positive for the Pilgrims.

Jake said: "I think that is what you need; players that can all do different things. I can still run a player down the line with my pace, but at the same time I can come inside and play with Graham and get on the end of things which is your job; to get goals.

"The goals side of it has been very good. In some of my performances I have done well as well. But I think I can still improve, I have got a lot more to show.

"Through the middle it is the physicality." said Jake highlighting where he wants to improve. "I have got to hold the ball up better and out wide I have got to really express myself and get at players and do that week in week out."

Despite his height, Jake is surprisingly fast, and says it is an attribute he has had from his younger days.

"I have always had it since I was young, and you get quicker when you get older. At the same time you're still growing. Maybe it works to my advantage sometimes, now I have played a bit people know I have got pace, so they will try and defend against that, but I will try to use it to my advantage.