Jake's Journey

DESPITE a disappointing defeat at Oxford on Tuesday night, Jake Jervis says there is plenty of reasons to be positive about this season.

Argyle will travel to Kenilworth Road on Saturday hoping to retain their place at the top of League 2, whilst also hoping to pull away from the rest of the table.

"It's extremely positive." said Jake about Argyle's league position. "We are at the top of the table and two points clear, and the gap is getting bigger from fourth as well. That is what it is about. You concentrate on yourself and let everything take care of itself, but you want that gap to bridge up.

"Of course you are relieved we are top but you have lost the game. So you're not too happy about it, but because we are still two points at the top it gives us chance to go again and it's in our hands to stay there.

"You are disappointed at the time. Now it's gone, you accept it and move on. Oxford are a good team, and in the second-half we were all over them and unlucky not to get a goal. They have had their chances but at the same time we could easily have nicked it."

Jake says he is really enjoying his time at Argyle, and the fans have been an integral part of him settling into his new surroundings at Home Park.

"I have came in and got goals and I have enjoyed everything about it," he said. "Before I came I didn't realise how good of a club it was, with the fans. That has helped me settle in, how well they have been with me. It's all positive.

"Tuesday night the whole section was full. It's a great thing to have. When we play at home you will see there is not many away fans usually unless it's a bigger team, and that shows how big this club is.

"They all get behind you and obviously the team respond to that."

It will be a new experience for Jake on Saturday, playing against Luton Town at Kenilworth Road, but he says that the Pilgrims are confident against any side at the moment.

"We are confident going in against anyone," he said. "Luton are one of the bigger teams this season, who are expected to be in and around the top and you can't underestimate them. I think all we need to concentrate on ourselves and if we do that every game then we can hopefully get a result.

"I have never played there so it will be a first for me. I know that they have been challenging the last few seasons, they have always had a good backing so we can't underestimate them."

Jake said that Derek Adams will probably give his side an overview of their knowledge on Luton on Thursday before Argyle travel to play the Hatters on Saturday.

He said: "We usually go through it on a Thursday afternoon and go through a few bits and bobs and get a bit of an update on them from there. You need to. A lot of things can play to your advantage. Whether they have a bit of a weakness somewhere or vice versa, so it's good for you."

It has been a tough week for Argyle's squad, as they have had to travel to two away games in a week.

"You are away from your family, but you're not settled. It is going to happen in the season though. We have to accept it, but there is going to be a run when we have three games at home like we had anyway, so it works both ways."