Look, Listen, Learn

LUCK is a word that Argyle manager Derek Adams does not want to be associated with.

The Argyle boss believes that hard work and determination, not mere fortune, is what engineers success in football. 

As a manager, the Scotsman feels that having determination and a degree of stubbornness are helpful attributes; for him, knowing where he wants to go is important. Derek says he knew from his mid-twenties that he wanted to become a football manager, and was determined to learn from some of the best along the way. 

Derek is a very hands-on manager, taking most training sessions or delegating with his coaching staff, and stresses that he does not let outside influences affect his thinking too much.

“You’ve got to listen to people and take ideas on from different managers you work under,” said Derek. “When you know at that age then you’ve got to start learning the game.

“I take different opinions on from different people and listen to them. The good I take, the bad get thrown aside, that’s the way you go forward.

“I’ve always been the one that’s on the training field. I think it’s important that the players hear your voice. They have to have an idea of where you want to go and to drive people on. It has to come from the manager.”

“If I can focus on what’s inside the football club and how we push forward then we can be in a better position.” 

The former Ross County manager knows how important it is for his squad not to get ahead of themselves. Derek does not set a points total at the start of the season, instead preferring to set a more simple, game-by-game points target: three. 

“We try and win the next match and go from there," he said. "That’s the way I see my football club moving forward, we want to win every game.

“I want to see the football club do well and I want to see the players do well. I want to see the supporters happy.”