No Presuming With Stanley

WHEN Luke McCormick reads the programme on Saturday morning and prepares to play our latest visitors, he will not be remarking: "Who are they?"

Accrington Stanley are not cutting the figure of a joke team from an ancient advert. Two defeats all season, fifth in the table, three wins in a row away from home, John Coleman named Manager of the Month; Stanley fans would be justified in milking it for all they are worth right now. 

Argyle's goalkeeper knows the prospect facing he and his team-mates this Saturday, too. While Argyle sit at the top of table. Luke knows the squad can't underestimate anyone in the league. 

"John Coleman has bought in some good players and got them playing," said McCormick. "They're effective at what they do and we can't underestimate them.

"We'll prepare as we prepare with every team. We'll do a lot of work on what they do and worry about ourselves a little bit hopefully.

"The manager's installed confidence and belief in us this year. If we go and lose a goal that's not the end of the game as it might have been previously. We're confident home or away whoever it's against.

The defence have formed a solid back five so far this season with the manager opting for a back four rather three central defenders. As last season, Argyle's defensive record looks tidy. "The defensive side is something that we work hard on and we've started where we left off last year," said Luke.  

"It is pleasing given the fact that we have changed formations. Having 3 centre-halves within the width of your goalposts, in a sense you feel more set up not to concede.

"The way Pete and Curtis have handled [the change in formation] with the help of Kelvin and Gary, it looks like the lads have been playing together for years really.

"We've got good talkers along the line which helps and I think we're all after the same goal which is not to concede any. We're all on the same script and that goes into the work we've put in on the training ground." 

That defensive five have only conceded nine goals in the league so far. but Luke is not looking at the results from an individual perspective, "The stats speak for themselves," he said. "If i can contribute positively then I'm pleased with that but the fact is that we just want to keep winning games. If I can help do that as well then that's the only objective."