Peninsula Preview - Argyle v Vospers Oak Villa

LAST weekend, Argyle ended the unbeaten run of Mousehole with a dominant display and a 3-1 victory but this week brings the other end of the spectrum.

Vospers Oak Villa have suffered a desperate start to their campaign, losing every game and boasting a gloomy goal difference of minus 58 from 12 games.

It would be easy to assume a comfortable home win but a new management team has arrived at Vospers this week, and the Pilgrims must be wary of a wounded animal coming to life.

“The Vospers record this season should not impact on us in any way because we have to go about things in the same way as normal,” said Head Coach Kevin Nancekivell. “We don’t take anything for granted and we work as hard as we did against Mousehole to make sure we get something from the game.

“They’ve had a change of manager this week and new players come in, so that will give Vospers a boost. We do things exactly the same in terms of our approach and treat Vospers with the same respect as any other team.

“If the lads want to be pro players, they are paid to switch on to this type of game. You’re paid to play football and paid to be professional. It’s up to the staff to make sure their heads are right and tuned into every game.

“The danger is that if Vospers frustrate us for long periods, it gives them a major confidence boost. We have to start well and we were very much on the front-foot against Mousehole. It’s about getting the right platform to get a good result.”