Derek's Ocean City

DEREK Adams is keen for his reign at Argyle to have a positive effect on not just the football club, but the entire city of Plymouth.

Adams’ tenure at Home Park has been far from a mere undertaking of first-team duties. Since arriving at the club, Derek has not only looked to cast his eye over all levels of on-field activities, but also spearhead Argyle’s presence in the city as a whole, including meeting with some of the Plymouth’s other important figures. 

“Obviously we’ve had a lot of games, and training, supporters meetings, board meetings, and even meeting the Navy captain, so it’s been good,” said Derek. 

“A couple of weeks ago we went for dinner; a really enjoyable evening across at Torpoint, so it was nice to be invited. 

“I was down at the Hoe yesterday, and obviously there are a lot of graduations at this time of year – around 10,000 graduations coming through. Then you’ve got the Navy ships and helicopter going past yesterday, so it was all good. 

“It’s a place that is thriving at this moment in time, and it shows the kids that are coming to university what there is.”

Part of that prosperity around Plymouth will always be driven by the goings-on at Argyle, and whilst Adams is not one to get carried with his side’s early form, he knows the significance that success at Home Park can have on the wider community. 

“You can see that the public are turning out; there are lot of fans that are walking up to the gate,” said Adams. “I think that’s important. 

“It’s still very early in the season. It’s very tight in the league, and you just have to keep moving forward. You don’t look at it: you just look at gaining the three points. 

“We’re happy with the games we’ve played. We’ve had five wins and a draw out of eight games, and it’s very good progress, so we’re delighted with the start we’ve had.

“If you look throughout the city you’ve got the theatre, the Navy, graduations and the football team. It’s important that we all pull together and make the city a really good place to live. We’re a big city, and to push it on, the leaders in the city have to pull together, and we’ve done that already.”