Derek's Position

ARGYLE safely navigated their way to a third successive league win at Adams Park...

...but not before a delay to the game’s kick-off caused by their opponents’ high-tech kit.

The Pilgrims stayed on the road to promotion from Sky Bet League 2 by winning 2-1, goals from Reuben Reid and Jake Jervis sandwiching an equaliser by former Green Jason Banton and leapfrogging them above their hosts into second place.

However, the match was held up for six minutes as Argyle manger Derek Adams sought a position from the referee on large rubber bands worn by Wycombe’s players around their chests which contained computer equipment that helps club staff monitor their activity levels.

“The Wycombe players had a GPS system and we had to get clarification that they were allowed to use that,” said Derek. “They had it on their backs and it was sticking out; it was a hard object on their back. 

“It’s a hard bit of equipment on somebody’s back and if somebody goes in to head it, then that can be a danger. You are not allowed to wear rings or anything on the pitch.

“Somebody could head it; it could be pulled; somebody’s finger could get caught in it; there’s a number of things that could happen – somebody could get choked if they are pulled too hard.

“There was a bulge in the back of somebody’s jersey and I said: ‘Listen, is that allowed?’ I wasn’t aware that it was allowed and [Wycombe] provided a document to say it was allowed. I just asked the question.

“I’m not sure what the ruling is. I’ve seen it in pre-season games but I haven’t seen it in a league game. The referee just had to give clarity. They provided an email to say that they had clarification from the league that they were able to start with it.

“We’ll wait and see the outcome because it’s obviously a dangerous piece of equipment. We’ll get clarity from the league and get a better idea what the thinking is.”