"I Am Happy Here"

HIRAM Boateng has had to take in plenty of new experiences since joining Argyle but...

...thanks to his own ability and the help of others, the teenager is flourishing under the pressure.
Since arriving at Home Park on loan from Crystal Palace, Hiram has adapted to a heavy increase in playing time and responsibilities, and he praised his team-mates and the Green Army for easing that transitional process.
“I think I’ve settled in well,” he said. “It’s been good.
“Everyone’s been welcoming; the players have made it really easy for me, and the fans have been just as welcoming since coming to this club. It was initially quite tough, living away from home, but I feel as though I’ve gotten used to it, and it just seems like normal life for me now.
“I had a question-and-answer session with the Senior Greens the other day, and some of the compliments I was getting from the fans was superb, and the compliments the other lads were getting as well. 

"It allows the fans to see a different side to us, because they see us on the pitch – they don’t know what we’re like as people. We can interact, tell them a bit about ourselves, and hear some things from them, as well.”
The 19-year old midfielder is enjoying his most consistent run in a first team by far, starting all eight of Argyle’s games so far this season, and is keen to have a sustained impact on the Greens’ campaign by further improving his game.
“This is my first proper spell playing in a first team,” said Hiram. “It’s been a lot different – obviously it’s been tough, mentally and physically, as well.
“But it’s also been a good experience, being able to do this. There’s much more at stake in these games, compared to playing in the Under-21s.
“It’s definitely a blessing, being able to be in the team. It always is. That’s when you’re at your happiest, and that’s when I feel like I’m enjoying my football and getting the best out of myself.
“I’m happy with the way it’s gone for me, but obviously the bigger picture is how well the team’s doing. That was my main aim: to come here and try bring something else to the team, so we can be in a good position throughout the season.
Other players in the squad have taken it upon themselves to work with Boateng on the pitch to extract the best of his ability, and he expects the quality of the entire squad to improve as the Pilgrims gain a firm footing in the 2015-16 campaign.
“I feel as though every game’s been a tough test and a tough challenge,” said Hiram, “but the players on the pitch alongside me have helped get me through games.
“There’s times where I’ve needed that extra push at the end of games, and guys like the captain, Curtis Nelson, and Carl McHugh alongside me, have always been able to push me through games and get me to the final whistle.
“I feel as though everyone’s brought something to the table – even the lads that have come off the bench have affected games at times. I still feel as though there is more to come from everyone, and we can just keep building and building.”