Club Statement

FOLLOWING a statement issued by the Argyle Fans Trust and published on their website on Thursday, August 25, 2016, the club would like to clarify some matters.

·     The option to buy the stadium at Home Park sits with ‎Plymouth Argyle Football Club, not with James Brent.
·     James Brent has never met regularly with Bob Foale, or any AFT representative; regular meetings have always been, and always intended to have been, between Mr Foale – or an AFT representative – and the club's chief executive Martyn Starnes. The club has felt, for some time, that the monthly meetings were excessive. Last month, the AFT agreed to hold quarterly meetings and it is surprising they no longer wish to do so.  
·     The operational decisions referred to in the AFT statement were taken by the club's management; they were not, nor should they have been, discussed with James Brent or the Board of Directors.
·     Argyle is fortunate to have many great supporters' groups who contribute significantly to the success of the club; the AFT has had more formal access than any of these groups.
·     EFL regulation 111 commits clubs to hold at least two fans’ forums in each season to which supporters are to be invited in order to discuss significant issues relating to the club. It is enshrined in the club's Customer Charter that Plymouth Argyle is committed to holding three fans’ forums a year which are open to all fans, and recorded and made available to all those who have an interest, but who cannot attend.
·     Plymouth Argyle is surprised that the AFT wishes to cease dialogue with the club, but respects its prerogative to do so.
Plymouth Argyle will not be commenting further on the AFT statement.