In Full Cry

TO rectify the situation of being on no points, Plymouth Argyle went sub-zero.

Prior to the trio to Notts County on Tuesday night, the Pilgrims had lost both their opening Sky Bet League Two matches. Trips to Reading and Carlisle had left fatigue in the legs, as well as frustration in the heart, after the club's slow start. 

Enter CryoFit, and their Mobile Elite Performance Pod (EPP).

CryoFit are specialists in WholeBody Cryotherapy using extreme temperatures to assist elite sportspeople in two major areas - performance and recovery. They brought their Mobile Pod (EPP) to Home Park for the Argyle squad to use to assist them in their preparations for the trip to Meadow Lane; to rehabilitate, and freshen the legs ahead of another long journey and important match. 

The therapy seemed to pay dividends. Argyle led 2-1 by half-time, and though they had some defending to do in the second period, heads did not drop. Importantly, neither did the legs. 

The CryoPod, using liquid nitrogen, provided by Air Products (CryoFit’s Official Nitrogen Supplier), brings the temperature down to around -135 degrees celsius. The player gets in the Pod for around three minutes, helping blood to come back to the core organs, removing toxins and inflammatory properties in their blood. When the player steps out of the Pod their blood flows back to their extremities and it will REPLENISH their muscles, relieve pain and increase range of movement, creating numerous all-round benefits. 

The other treatment offered in the CryoFit EPP are the use of NormaTec recovery boots, which compress the players legs very tightly to drain toxins and remove lactic acid, perfect in conjunction with their WholeBody Cryotherapy treatments. 

CryoFit work with athletes in many fields, including triathletes, elite cyclists, cross-fit runners and many more, including top footballers, helping them to reach peak performance. 

"We're trying to get their legs fresh, faster," said Scott Cronin, of CryoFit. "For anyone that feels like they want to the reach the peak of performance - professional athletes like the lads here at Plymouth - how are you supposed to reach the peak of your performance if you are not rehabbing properly? 

"When you have people like Gareth Bale, Ronaldo...the Tour de France guys literally get off their bikes and sit on the side of the road in the NormaTec boots. There are massive benefits."