Shirt Shift

THANK you!

Thank you for liking our 2016-17 PUMA away kit so much that you have bought it in huge numbers and completely wiped out our stocks.

Demand for the shirt has been unprecedented. We knew it would be popular – which is why we upped our order with PUMA to 50% more than normal before the season started – but no-one could have appreciated just how popular. The day after the season started, we have had to put up the 'Sold Out' notices!

However, the good news for those of you who want one of the most sought-after Argyle shirts ever is that we have already put in an order for new stock.

That will take a few weeks to arrive – and will be the last order coming this season – but the Superstore at Home Park is ready to take pre-orders which will guarantee that you will get your hands on the prized strip as soon as it is here.

So, contact the Home Park Superstore on 01752 55 82 92 to reserve your shirt now.