Hot for Top Spot

ARGYLE’S 2-0 win over Doncaster Rovers takes them back to a familiar spot in the Sky Bet League 2 table: the top of it.

Derek Adams’ side reclaimed first place in the division by beating the now-former holders of that position, thanks another picture-book strike from Graham Carey and an emphatic penalty from Jake Jervis.

Coping well with the wet conditions at Home Park, the victory takes the Greens two points clear of both Rovers and Carlisle United, the latter drawing with Luton Town.

“We’re obviously happy to go back to the top of the table,” said Derek. “We’ve been there for a long time this season.

“I knew that Luton against Carlisle was going to be a difficult game for both these sides, and a win was always going to be putting us top of the table.

“I thought they coped with them [the conditions] very well. Both teams passed the ball at times; Doncaster probably passed the ball more than us today, which was going to be the case. We were quite happy with that, because they were going to pass it in their own half.”

Rovers also had a penalty of their own late on, but Liam Mandeville’s spot kick hit the outside of the post. Jervis’ penalty has better luck with the woodwork, smashing off the crossbar on its way in. While many people may have expected Carey to take the penalty - including the boss - Derek has no quarrels at all with Jervis taking on the responsibility.

"I don’t really care [who takes the penalties],” said Adams, “as long as it goes in the back of the net. That’s my philosophy.

“I thought it was Graham Carey that was going to take the penalty - he was the last one to take one. As I’ve said before, whoever is confident on the pitch gets to take the penalty kick. Jake was that person today.

“He hit the target, and if you hit the target you can’t complain. It was a very well-taken penalty.”