Joy to Threlkeld

THE spirit amongst the Argyle squad is a joy to be behold, according to Pilgrims midfielder Oscar Threlkeld.

The 22-year-old, who scored his first goal of the season at Morecambe, believes that spirit will be an advantage when the Pilgrims face Newport in the Emirates FA Cup at Home Park on Saturday.

“Everyone needs to know everyone because it pulls us all together,” he said. “If someone is not doing something on the pitch, we’re not scared to say it; the lads are on you for good reason because they obviously want you to do well.”
Before returning to the Argyle starting line-up last month, Oscar had been absent for six weeks because of injury, and believes that the spirit of the squad – in which he and Craig Tanner play a vital role – was a massive boost for him.

“My injury was frustrating because I just wanted to play,” he said. “Everyone is such a tight group here and we all still interacted with each other, which is a good feeling because, at some clubs, you may be injured and then nobody wants to know you. We have a very good squad.

“Me and Craig [Tanner] are still causing havoc - 100%. That is just our personalities. It runs through the squad. We are always together; we all have a laugh and play pranks on each other.”

With injuries to left-backs Gary Sawyer and Ben Purrington, Ozzie come back into the side from his injury at left-back.

He said: “Being a right-footed player at left-back doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It has its benefits - I can cut inside, which allows me make a cross, shot or forward pass.

“I’ve played everywhere through my career. In the Under-13s, I played up front against Liverpool; in the Under-15s, I went in nets against Manchester United. I literally have played everywhere.” 

“Sometimes I wish I was just in one position and sometimes I don’t. I want to be good so I don’t move about, I want to be the first name on the sheet; but also, if somebody gets injured, who’s going to play there? Me. It’s good. 100%. Pros and cons.

“Playing left-back is very similar to right-back. If the ball is on the other side, I need to look across.; if it’s 2 v 1, then I have the license to tuck in more further forward; if it’s 2 v 2, then I’ve got to make it a 3 v 2 and support the centre-backs.”