Marjon Together

GARY Sawyer and Ryan Brunt have taken advantage of the excellent facilities at the University of St Mark & St John as they continue their return to full fitness.

Gary has been using Marjon's anti-gravity treadmill three or four times a week for the last month as he rehabilitates following adductor reconstruction surgery.
The Argyle first team has a collaborative relationship with the university and Gary has been joined recently by Ryan, who is recovering from cruciate and ligament damage to his knee, sustained last season.
Marjon's Ben Anniss said: "The anti-gravity treadmill has the capacity to reduce the user’s body weight from 100% down to 20%, which is essentially like running on Mars!
"Whilst on a treadmill and sealed into an airtight bag at the waist, the external force experienced by the lower body can be controlled.
"This allows movement, inhibited only by the condition affecting the performer’s range of movement, without full weight-bearing forces at the joints.
"As part of his rehab programme, Gary has gradually worked his way up from 50% of his body weight at slow running speeds to 95-100% of his body weight at progressively faster speeds.
"Throughout, he has reported no pain symptoms whilst using the treadmill and has been incredibly positive and thankful for the opportunity to use it to accelerate his return to the game."
Everyone at Home Park - not just Gary and Ryan - are incredibly grateful to the staff at Marjon and for the use of their state-of-the-art equipment.