The Best of the Season

SONNY Bradley has described Argyle's win against Doncaster as the best this campaign, as a 2-0 victory sent the Pilgrims back to the top of Sky Bet League Two.

"That is the result of the season so far for me," said Sonny. "Considering we have just come off the back of a few disappointing results I think it was really important that we put a solid performance in today and I think that is exactly what we have done. We knew it was going to be tough; we knew they were going to have a lot of the ball, but we were willing to let that happen to try and get the result."

Despite many considering the Pilgrims as underdogs against Doncaster after Argyle had lost their last three league games, Sonny says that Derek always believed that they would win.

"They [Doncaster] are a very good team," said Sonny. "I think if you look at the names on the team sheet, there is some very good players in that squad; in my opinion a couple of the best players in the league. It was always going to be a difficult task, especially because our confidence has not been at it's best. We have dug in today.

"I think a few people have wrote us off before the game. That is the feel I got this week a little bit around the club. But that has never been from the players or the management. I have just spoke to the gaffer, he has just said his piece after the game and he said all week he knew we were going to be winners. We warmed up properly before the game, everyone was bang up for it and we have gone out there and we have done the job."

Sonny was the other side of the pitch when Argyle got awarded the penalty that Jake Jervis scored for the second, but was much closer to the penalty that the Pilgrims gave away, and the aftermath that followed.

"I was a good 50 or 60 yards away from it," said Sonny, of the penalty the Greens were awarded, "so I could not see whether it was inside or outside the box. I think that is what they were arguing with the referee about. I don't think they were arguing whether it is a foul or not because he has absolutely cleaned him out in my opinion. Whether it was a penalty or not I do not know, I was just delighted to see the referee point to the spot. I was a bit nervous when the ball rattled the bar because I thought it was coming back out. Luckily for Jake it has hit the line and bounced back into the roof of the net. In the end you can say it was a great finish but he had me on edge for a minute!
"I think it was a penalty," said Sonny of Doncaster's spot kick. "I think Foxy came across and dangled a lazy leg. I call it a lazy leg because you have got to just stand up there and show him outside and get rid of the ball. I think we had chance to clear it before it got to that point so we will probably look back at that and be a bit disappointed.

"It was nothing really," Sonny said about the red card. "I didn't see Coppinger put his head towards Luke. I thought the referee could have just moved everyone away and at best probably could have dished out a couple of yellow cards and that would have been that, I did not really see a red card in there anywhere. Obviously the referee or the linesman has seen something I have not seen. I was right amongst it trying to break it up so whether something has happened that I have not seen, it might have. That is irrelevant to me now though, all I care about is the three points."