The Big Green Lottery - Win With Argyle!

THE Argyle Foundation has a new name and will now be known as The Big Green Lottery.

After putting the selection out to supporters, we received a terrific response and a number of excellent suggestions but the name 'The Big Green Lottery...Win With Argyle' has a particular appeal, and there is an added twist.

Along with the annual Grand Draw of £12,000, the monthly £500 prize and 10 lucky winners picking up £10 each week, we are adding a brand new opportunity to The Big Green Lottery...Win With Argyle.

Every time the Pilgrims win a first-team game, we will draw out one lucky member for a special Argyle prize, ranging from match tickets, to corporate hospitality and unique Home Park experiences. Therefore, the better the lads do, the better the fans do!

Now is the time to join The Big Green Lottery and to ‘Win With Argyle’.

Raising funds for the Plymouth Argyle Academy and the future of our football club,  The Big Green Lottery is a lottery scheme offering superb cash prizes and unique opportunities that money can’t buy.

Launched in 2008, The Big Green Lottery generates valuable revenue for the Argyle Academy, while also providing our members with the chance to win £12,000 in our annual Grand Draw.

How Does it Work?
For your £2.25 per week, you will receive a Foundation Membership Card and an exclusive number, which is then entered into the annual Grand Draw, monthly draws for £500 and ‘Money Can’t Buy Prizes’, and the weekly £10 draw.

For any queries, please contact Ellen Shine on Winners of all draws will be published on a weekly basis on