There's an Awful Lot of Argyle...

WE received an incredible story of a father and son brought together by

...their shared ambition to spread their love for the Greens – in South America, no less. 
The club received an email from Bryan Chope, a crew member aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2 cruise liner. On a trip to Salvador, Brazil, Bryan used some spare time to take in the sights and sounds, and stumbled across something that made him feel right at home - or Home Park, even.

“I went for a walk ashore during my lunch break and came across this lad wearing an Argyle shirt,” Bryan said, “not something you expect to see any where in the world, let alone Brazil. 
“He did not speak any English and I do not speak any Portuguese. I tried to explain to him that I am from Plymouth and that I support the team but he did not know what I was on about. A person sat beside him knew enough English to translate for me. I asked him if I could take his photo, which he was happy for me to do.”
An excellent tale in its own right - a shared association with Argyle between two people who have never met each other and live thousands of miles apart. 

That, though, is only half of the story.
Shortly after his initial letter, Bryan sent a follow-up letter after discovering the origins of his new friend’s Argyle shirt.
“I have just found out that it was my son who gave this lad his Argyle shirt when he went over to watch the World Cup," he said. "What are the chances of that happening?!”

Yes - Bryan’s son, Thomas, travelled to Brazil in 2014 to take in the World Cup, armed with the football shirt of his beloved Argyle. Before he returned home, Thomas decided to give his shirt to this man – the same man that his father, Bryan, would bump into two years later, and take a photo with. Glorious. 
Everywhere we go...