Green Feelings

WHILST he may have had his fair share of success against Argyle in the past, Daniel Nardiello is fully focused on making the future as bright as possible for the Greens.

The 33-year old forward has come out on top more often than not in his clashes against the Pilgrims, including a Johnstone’s Paint Trophy win with Exeter City in 2010.
The news of Nardiello’s arrival at Home Park on loan may not sit too well with City fans, but Daniel will not be letting his previous experiences play any part in his time at Home Park.
“I can understand people’s feelings towards it,” said Nardiello, “but I’ve got to look after myself and my family. My career comes first at the end of the day, and I’m delighted to be here at Plymouth.
“I’ve had a lot of texts and stuff on social media over the last 12 hours. It’s been interesting reading it, but it’s just life. I’ve played for Exeter; now I’m playing for Plymouth. I know they’re big rivals, but I’ve got to be professional and do my job as a footballer.”
Daniel has eight victories to his name against Argyle over the course of his career, lining up against the Greens for the likes of Exeter, Queens Park Rangers and Barnsley. Now, though, Nardiello’s need to return to first-team action, as well as the desire to ply his trade at the Theatre of Greens, means he will have the chance to turn that form in Argyle’s favour for the remainder of the season.
“I had a look yesterday actually,” said Daniel, “when I knew I was coming down to sign: I’ve had good games against Plymouth in the past. It’ll be nice to try and score some goals for Plymouth now, but I’ve always had a good time at Home Park.
“I’m a professional footballer. I need to play football, and if a team like Plymouth Argyle - regardless of who I’ve played for before - comes knocking on your door, asking if you want to come down and play, especially with the position they are in the league - it’s a no-brainer. I’ve got to look after myself and go to the best possible club that’s going to be the best for me.”