Derek's England Support

DEREK Adams is as Scottish as neeps and tatties...

...but even he is happy to play a part in the resurrection of the English team’s fortunes in the wake of the Three Lions’ Euro 2016 ignominy. 

The Argyle manager believes that the revamping of this season’s EFL Trophy, in which Premier League sides will enter B teams against Argyle and their fellow lower division teams, will help Roy Hodgson’s successors.

“For English football, it’s going to be beneficial,” said Derek. “The national team needs to improve and, if we are going to see young Premier League players getting the opportunity to play competitive football, then playing against League opposition is going to help them.”

Happy to help, but not averse to slipping in a wee sleekit dig at the auld enemy.

He said: “The England team has struggled for a good number of years now – I saw a stat this morning that Wales have won more [tournament] games this week than England have in 20 years. 

“I think it is going to be beneficial for the English game that we get good, young, English talent playing competitive football, getting away from Academy football playing against each other, rolled up in cotton wool, protected. 

“Let’s get them into the big game environment and let them go and work for a living. Then we might see an improvement in English football.”