Derek on Forster and Brunt Injuries

ARGYLE'S 1-0 loss to Barnet on Tuesday was worsened by injuries to two players during the game, with the pair of Pilgrims looking set to miss the remainder of the season.

Manager Derek Adams was forced into making two substitutions in the first half of the Greens' loss. There was over quarter of an hour of stoppage played at the conclusion of the first period, mostly because of the time taken to help Jordon Forster and Ryan Brunt onto stretchers to leave the action.

"Ryan Brunt looks like he got a cruciate ligament injury," said a visibly downbeat Adams. "Jordon Forster looks like he's got a broken jaw. [They are] two players that we'll miss for the rest of the season, it looks like.

"From my point of view, that's hugely disappointing. The 17 minutes of injury time show you how serious the injuries were."

Forster's injury, the first of the pair, was particularly scary, with his head colliding heavily with an advertising boarding as he tried to keep the ball in play.

"From where I saw it," said Derek, "it looked like he slid off the end of the pitch and just hit the barrier full-on, at high speed. It was a really sickening injury. He's in hospital just now.

"Ryan Brunt is on crutches and he's had a knee brace as well, so we're going to miss the two of them."

Arguably the Pilgrims' most in-form player, the severity of Brunt's injury was also clear to see, leaving Adams preparing to work with a short list of players for the end-of-season run.

"I think it [Brunt's leg] caught underneath him," said  Derek "He knew right away that he had a problem, so it looks like it could be a cruciate.

"It's a big blow to lose two big players for us. When you've got 12 games to go in the season, you don't need to lose any more. We're tight enough as we are as a squad, and we don't need any more injuries."