A Little Respect

THE Argyle squad were among the Pilgrims at Wembley who stayed behind after Argyle’s Play-Off Final defeat to applaud their conquerors AFC Wimbledon.

Manager Derek Adams insisted his players remain on the pitch after the 2-0 defeat to pay tribute to the Dons, who claimed the final of Sky Bet League 2’s four promotion slots as a result of the victory.

“Of course it’s going to hurt,” he said afterwards, “but it’s out of respect. You have got to respect your opponents and they have been able to come here and win the match and get to League 1. I would have expected anyone else to do that for us.”

A small contingent of the Green Army also remained in their seats to witness the trophy presentation, although many of the 35,000 Argyle fans were already on their way home. 

“We have taken them on a fantastic journey this season,” said Derek. “They are going to go home very disappointed tonight. We thank them for their support, not just today, but throughout the season; it shows you what a great city Plymouth is, being able to take so many people to London.

“It’s testimony to both clubs that there were 57,000 people at the game today and it’s fantastic for League 2. We are dealing with one of the finest football clubs in England – you don’t take 35,000 people to Wembley if you don’t have that.

“We have put a lot of pride into Plymouth Argyle this season and hopefully that can continue.”