Course and Distance

CARL McHugh knows more than most what it is like playing in the big games - and he want to continue the experience.

The Pilgrims have managed to secure a second play-off semi-final in as many seasons, but will look to do one better this year by gaining promotion into Sky Bet League 1. This year’s opponents ar Portsmouth, who finished their season in sixth place, one position and four points behind the Greens.

In his fourth season as a professional, this will be Carl's third experience of the play-offs. As well as last year with Argyle, Carl was involved in the play-offs three seasons ago when a Bradford City player, when the Bantams were successful in escaping the division. 

In the same season, Bradford had an astonishing run in the Capital One Cup which saw them reach a Wembley final against Swansea City. 

“The play off final, we won that game. I didn’t play but it was an unbelievable experience," said Carl. "Both games were unbelievable. It’s what you want to do as a player, playing in the big stadiums on the big days. 

"That was a really positive experience. When you’re growing up you want to play full houses, big clubs and at big grounds with a lot at stake.

“This is what you run around a track for in pre-season, for these games, so we’re really looking forward to it. We want to make the most of it.

“On the play-offs it’s all on the day; they’re not like normal games. Form and everything goes out the window. 

"They’re different kind of games but we’re really looking forward to it, it’s going to be two great occasions.”