Carefree Carey's Freedom

GRAHAM Carey believes that freedom is the key to his form since he became a Pilgrim.

Last year's Pilgrim of the Year is this season's top goalscorer, leading assist provider and recent nominee for Sky Bet League Two player of the month. He is also a huge favourite of the Green Army, and central to Derek Adams' on-field game plans. 

Central, but not always in the middle. In recent weeks, Craig Tanner has been Derek's preferred option in the central position behind the striker, with Graham starting from the right flank. Adams has explained recently his philosophy on rigid shape when defending, but fluidity when going forward

To the Green Army, playing on the right may seem out of character for Carey, but prior to his arrival at Home Park, he rarely received the license to express himself that we are fortunate enough to enjoy. 

"Since I’ve come to the club the fans have welcomed me," said Graham. "The manager gives me the license to go and play, and when you have that you don’t have any pressure on yourself. As long as you work hard off the ball, then you get that license when you have it, and it’s enjoyable.

"Most of my career I’ve played either left wing-back or left-midfield, mainly on the touchline crossing balls in. The start of the season in Scotland with the gaffer, he was playing me more centrally, and when I came here that is what he said to me, that he wanted me to play more centrally. He knew that was the way to get the best out of me.

"It was the first time in my career I had the license to express myself in the final third, and play a bit more centrally. It showed, by getting that amount of goals, that it is probably my best position.

"I went on loan when I younger and even played left-back. It was good for my career because when I do play on the wing, I know what to do. It was a learning curve, but hopefully those days are over.

"I’ve been happy playing in different positions this season. I think [central] is best position, but off the right I am come inside and occupy the central position anyway so it doesn’t make a lot of differences.
"I just go out and try to create or score goals. That’s what I’m here to do. If I work hard as well, that’s all that matters.
"I think my main job in the team is to create goals, and if I chip in with the same amount scored that’s a bonus. I set a target on how many assists I can get, and hopefully I can achieve that. My aim is to better last season."