iFollow Follow-Up

WE have received lots of feedback from Saturday's game, regarding the performance of the new iFollow Argyle product.

Pleasingly, the experience for most people was a positive one, with many subscribers reporting no problems regarding logging in and viewing or listening to the coverage of the game. 

The most frequent 'niggle' from those offering a positive assessment of the product was that some found that they received BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's coverage of the game, and not BBC Radio Devon's. We have passed this assessment on to those who count. 

We did receive a fair number of reports from people having difficulties, though, and while this is the case, we promise to pass all concerns on to the EFL and Neulion, who produce the iFollow product. 

For clarity, the technical side of things on iFollow is looked after outside of Argyle's parameters. We upload video of interviews to the platform, but outside of that most things are beyond our immediate control. Matters that are technical and to do with billing are looked after elsewhere. 

That said, we are happy to act as a conduit between our supporters and iFollow, to ensure everyone gets the best possible experience. 

We found that a large number of the negative feedback we received centred on getting little or no immediate assistance from the iFollow live chat or email channels. Again, we have reported this, and will continue to press the importance of advice being available to supporters at short notice. 

If you have had problems, especially with with logging in, we strongly advise you to email ifollow@efl.com or to use the live chat facility at www.pafc.co.uk/ifollow while the demand is not so high as on match days, in order to fix your problem. 

Please continue to keep us informed of problems you are having, as well as alterations you feel would be beneficial to the service. We cannot promise to make or request all changes, but we will take everything on board. 

Please also note, for overseas subscribers, that Tuesday's game against Bristol City, and indeed the following Tuesday's game with Chelsea Under-21s, will not be featured as live video, as the agreement with iFollow does not cover Carabao Cup and Checkatrade Trophy games. These games will feature live audio commentary for all subscribers. 

Thank you.