Positive Review

WITH Saturday’s trip to Blackpool marking Argyle’s last match of the year, Pilgrims boss Derek Adams is hoping to finish off 2017 in style.

The year has seen a lot of success for the Pilgrims on and off the pitch. From the January clashes with mighty Liverpool, to the upturn in League One we are experiencing right now, with youth success, a promotion and a grandstand go-ahead in between, it has been a positive 12 months. 

“It has been an exciting year for the football club in many ways,” said Derek. “Just look back at the start of the year, we were able to get in the third round of the FA Cup against Liverpool and look what that brought to the football club and the city. 

“We went there and drew 0-0, took them back here and unfortunately got beat 1-0. We went on and were able to get promoted out of the league, which was our main focus. It was great that the promotion came, finishing second on goal difference to Portsmouth. 

“Starting life in League One has been good to us and we have put ourselves in a very good position to move on to the latter half of the season and try and stay in League One in a good position.

“The Youth team have also progressed to the next round of the FA Cup beating Manchester City on penalties so that has been beneficial. Just through the players, a lot of them have enjoyed success around the football club. We have taken in players on loan or on permanent deals and they have been successful. Also the Youth Team have been able to progress in the 18’s league.

“The planning permission to build the grandstand has obviously been a major plus for the club, because financially over the years it will help extra revenue. The extra revenue will only help the first team move forward.” 

With 2018 approaching so eyes turn to the January transfer window, although Adams does not see there being any drastic changes to his squad. 

“I would like to add if I can in the transfer window,” he said, “to try and bolster the squad for the remaining games of the season. We have got players in mind, are we able to get them? Only time will tell. 

“The players we have got at the football club have done exceptionally well over the past year and they are now finding their feet in League One. I Don’t see many changes in the transfer window.”