Welcome To Our New Website

OUR website, pafc.co.uk, has undergone a long-awaited makeover.

Argyle are part of a group known as EFL Digital, who operate and maintain a range of digital services for clubs in the EFL. In 2015, EFL Digital commisioned a new set of websites for its member clubs - the product of which is now being brought to you by Realise and NeuLion (iFollow).

In essence, EFL Digital provide the platform, and we supply the information. This new incarnation of the site, though, allows us a little more flexibility and a lot more control over what we can bring to you. 

As you, and we, get used to the site, there will be plenty of tweaking and changing to be done. Not all features are up and running as yet. We would, though, like to hear from you if you feel something is sorely lacking, or there are any mistakes and dead links. Please contact us via argyle@pafc.co.uk if you wish. 

Some parts of the site will come into their own when the new season gets into action. The new Match Centre, which will bring together match previews, coverage of the game, statistics, and match reports, is very exciting. It is through this the Match Centre you will be able to listen to live commentary of games, if you are an iFollow Argyle subscriber. 

iFollow Argyle is the successor to Argyle Player. Exisiting subscribers should have their Argyle Player subscription carried over. For more information about how iFollow works, click here. 

Thank you for your continued support of Argyle and pafc.co.uk.