Bournemouth 5 Argyle 4

Bournemouth 5

Ndjoli 12, 39, Anthony 33, Hyndman 47, Vincent 84

Argyle 4

Lameiras 46, Wylde 49, Fletcher 57, 66

ARGYLE’S Central League match between Argyle and Bournemouth at Canford Arena proved to be a thrilling one, but unfortunately the Pilgrims lost by the odd goal in nine.

Down 3-0 at half time, four goals in 20 minutes, from Ruben Lameiras, Gregg Wylde and two from Alex Fletcher, meant that Argyle were able to fight back to 4-4.

However, with eight minutes of the game remaining, Pilgrims’ defender Jakub Sokolik was sent off after receiving a second yellow card for two fouls, and Bournemouth then netted the winner.

The first half of the match was dominated by Bournemouth, who bagged their first goal of the afternoon after 12 minutes through Mikael Ndjoli.

A number of chances from both teams, including for Argyle’s Antoni Sarcevic and Ryan Fraser, of Bournemouth, preceded the home side’s next goal in the 33rd minute which came when Ndjoli chipped goalkeeper Michael Cooper and the ball bounced back off the post to the feet of Jaidon Anthony, who powered it into the back of the net.

Bournemouth picked up their third goal only six minutes later when Frank Vincent drove the ball forward and crossed for Ndjoli to score his second.

When the second half started, Argyle knew they had a lot of pushing to do if they wanted a comeback and that is exactly what they did, with four goals before the 66th minute.

A brilliant strike from Lameiras a minute into the second half was still being celebrated when a goal from Emmerson Hyndman a minute later gave Bournemouth back their three-goal advantage.

Not long after, Wylde claimed Argyle’s second goal of the game with help from Nadir Ciftci.

Argyle clearly started gaining a lot more of the possession and created a good number of chances.

In the 57th minute, Fletcher was able to add to the scoreline after a cross from Wylde which he struck into the far post.

Nine minutes later, Fletcher scored his second goal of the match, and Argyle’s fourth, after an assist by Lameiras.

After Sokolik’s dismissal, Vincent claimed the final goal of the game but, even then, Argyle kept fighting. Both Fletcher and Sarcevic had chances to claim a final equaliser but their efforts hit the post and bounced to safety.

AFC Bournemouth (3-4-3): Jordan Holmes (gk), Harry Goode (Nnamdi Ofoboroh 69), Shaun Hobson, Ryan Fraser (Antonio Diaz 80), Connal Morrison, Emmerson Hyndman (Kyle Taylor 62), Mikael Ndjoli, Jaidon Anthony (Keelan O’Connell 62), Sam Sherring, Tyler Gardner (captain), Frank Vincent. Substitute (not used): Gareth Stewart.

Argyle (4-3-3): Michael Cooper (gk), Gary Miller (captain), Jakub Sokolik, Jordan Bentley, Aaron Taylor, Ruben Lameiras, Antoni Sarcevic, Gregg Wylde, Nadir Ciftci, Nathan Blissett, Alex Fletcher. Substitutes (not used): Max Childs (gk), Rio Garside, Adam Randall, Aaron Goulty, Ryan Taylor.