Pilgrims Pay Attention

ARGYLE players and staff have been given some shooting practice of a different kind with the Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh this week.

The squad spent an afternoon at the training base in Torpoint ahead of their Tenth Armed Services Day match against Oxford City on Saturday and were shown how service personnel are trained to use weapons by instructors at the Military Training Unit.

The players were invited to try on the armour and other equipment military personnel wear in the field.  They were also given the opportunity to test their own marksmanship skills in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer; a computerised shooting range that allows instructors to assess and correct each student’s techniques before they move onto the live firing ranges.

Argyle manager Derek Adams said: “We are grateful to the Royal Navy for inviting us to HMS Raleigh. It was very interesting to witness how others conduct their training, and to take part in drills that do not involve a ball.

“We really enjoyed our visit and, when it came to the shooting practice, our players proved they have an eye for the target! 

Captain Ellie Ablett, the Commanding Officer of HMS Raleigh, said:  “We were delighted to welcome the players and staff to HMS Raleigh as a way of showing them the Royal Navy’s appreciation for their continuing support to the Armed Forces.  

“Thanks to the club’s generosity the Green Army will be supplemented by around 1,000 extra supporters this weekend to cheer them on.”