Yann Songo'o - Clarification

IN light of some inaccurate media reports following Tuesday's sentencing of Yann Songo'o for traffic offences - using a mobile 'phone while driving and speeding - we would like to make the following clear:

• On each and every previous occasion that Yann was listed to appear in court, the club sought, and was granted, an adjournment on his behalf;
• The two offences were separate;
• Yann was not talking on his mobile 'phone; he was changing music options;
• Yann was not driving the car when using his mobile 'phone; it was stationary;
• The Porsche is not his; it is a family car belonging to his brother;
• Charges of driving without a valid licence and valid insurance were discontinued.

We raise the above points not to mitigate the seriousness of Yann's actions – he is a young man who has admitted his errors and apologised unreservedly for them.

However, we feel it is only right that his court case is represented fairly and accurately.