Window Leaning

DEREK Adams would like it if the EFL follows the Premier League initiative and decides to close the summer transfer-window before the beginning of the season.

At the moment, the deadline for completing player movement between clubs for the first half of the season, is approximately a month into the campaign. 

Recently, the Premier League voted to change this so that, when the whistle goes on the first day of the season, everyone knows where they will be and what they will be doing until the turn of the year. 

Argyle chief executive Martyn Starnes attended an EFL meeting on Thursday, at which the matter was up for preliminary discussion. The club will chew over the issue when the CEO reports back. 

“As a club, we haven’t had the discussion as yet,” said Derek. “We will have that discussion - The Board, the chairman, the chief executive – we’ll all sit down and see what the right pathway is. 

“I’ve said before that I think the transfer-window should close before the start of the season because it makes managers’ jobs all over the country very difficult if we are going into a season not knowing if we are going to have a player or not have a player on our books. 

“That’s happened to us a couple of times since I’ve been at the club. 

“We understand that clubs want to make later decisions on players and some clubs carry bigger squads, that allows them to keep them and assess them up until the transfer-window, then they can release them. 

“People that want to try and get their squad together would like to have the transfer-window closed.”