Harry Goes Home

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams has confirmed on-loan Wolverhampton Wanderers goalkeeper Harry Burgoyne has returned to his parent club.

The 21 year-old stopper was initially signed on a long-term loan deal but did not make a single appearance for the Greens after he suffered a broken ankle in training, while on Pre-Season duty in Holland, in July. 

“He was on loan to us until January,” said Derek. “The loan has been cancelled between ourselves and Wolves. When January comes about, he will return to Wolves. We have stopped paying Wolves as of the end of last month to allow him to play for their under-23 team.

“We have still got money in there that we can use from the point of view that he has gone back to Wolves. That contract will be cancelled, so we can use his money. We have also got players who will move out, we will use that money as well. 

“We took in Matt Macey to replace Harry when he unfortunately broke his ankle, so, from that point of view, we were able to use the finance somewhere else.”

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