Travel Trouble

THE festive period is extremely testing on all clubs in professional football but the schedule of two away games in a row, and two long journeys, has been questioned by Argyle boss Derek Adams.

The fixture computer handed the Pilgrims trips to Wimbledon on Boxing Day and then Burton Albion on Saturday, before returning home to meet Oxford in Sky Bet League One on New Year’s Day.

Argyle’s travel commitments were made even tougher by a broken down coach on the way to Burton, just over a week after the same happened on the way to Rochdale, although the Pilgrims did emerge from those two disjointed journeys with four points.

“The bus broke down,” said Derek. “We had to stand on the hard shoulder for an hour, waiting for the replacement bus before moving on to Burton.

“It wasn’t the easiest travel and should have been one of the shorter ones. We were doing quite well travel-wise, about 40 minutes from Burton when it broke down.

“The last time was away to Rochdale and it is difficult for everyone involved, including the players and the bus company, but we got there eventually.

“We’ve had to travel more than most clubs in the Christmas period and we should go home and then away, rather than two away games. I don’t think it’s particularly fair but that’s the way the system works.”

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