No Fear

ARGYLE midfielder Antoni Sarcevic believes that the team's run of great performances comes down to fearing no opposition.

Sarcevic was pivotal in a well-deserved victory, earned with goals by Ruben Lameiras and Ryan Taylor. 

The Pilgrims number 7 said the team only realised just before the game that their opposition had notched an 18 game unbeaten run but that did not  stop Derek Adams men turning them over with ease.

"I think the team's full of confidence," said Antoni. "We weren't fearing anything coming into this game. I thought it was a perfect platform with them - I think it was 18 games unbeaten we found out before the game - but what a perfect time to play us.

"I think we thoroughly deserved that performance and the win."

Sarce went on to say that the Greens are a side that no-one wants to come up against right now. "We don't go into games now fearing top sides we wanna take that to them. I don't think anyone wants to play us at the minute.

"We were two goals up and comfy. On a personal note and I think as a team we didn't feel under any major threat.

"It was just a bit of 'can we deal with the aerial presence?' and Sonny and Zak have done that, they've been fantastic."

"At half time we'd said it was only on us. We weren't going off them. We said we've just to keep doing what we're doing. It was just a case of if we do our jobs right the game's there to be won and we did that and we're really full on confidence at the minute. "

"It's overall a great performance."