Will the Last One Out...

HOME Park.

What is it to you?

Home of the Best in the West? 

The Theatre of Greens? 

Just ‘Argyle’? 

For me and my colleagues, it is all these and more. 

It is where we spend the majority of our waking life. 

It is where we work so that Derek Adams’ squad can play. 

Home from Home Park.

Argyle staff have occupied that strange conglomeration of green (naturally) portable buildings at the far end of the Higher Home Park Car-Park for the last 15 years.

In many ways, the offices have been a far from perfect environment from which to serve the needs of the first team and the foremost Green Army. 

However, like a favourite old coat, it has been comfortable and familiar, if a little tired and tatty.

Which is why Friday, February 16 was, for some of us, an emotional day. The day those offices closed for business. 

We are off to smashing temporary accommodation in Plumer House, Crownhill, and we’re already looking forward to returning to a sparklingly fresh Home Park in 18 months’ time. It is a good time to be Green. 

However, permit us to indulge in our misty-eyed memories of the old place and shed a silent tear for bygone days which provide a comforting reassurance that an unknown future cannot. 

So much has happened inside its too-thin walls in the last decade and a half. 

So many managers and coaches have left their indelible mark on office life. 

So many players have walked on its creaking floorboards. 

So many people have been part of the never-ending progress of the Pilgrims. 

Together – one team - we’ve laughed a lot.

We’ve cried a bit. 

We’ve delighted.

We’ve despaired.

We’ve knocked heads.

We’ve locked horns.

We’ve decided.

We’ve dithered. 

We’ve celebrated.

We’ve commiserated. 

We’ve died in despondency. 

We’ve lived in hope. 

We’ve moved on.