Decent Deal

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams was delighted to learn of the new EFL TV deal, which will see Sky Bet League One and Two clubs receive extra financial income.

He does, however, have sympathy for those higher up the footballing pyramid who are set to lose out, despite being watched more often by the public. 

Derek agrees that, whatever deal is enforced, it would be impossible for all parties to agree unanimously and Argyle are fortunate to be receiving what they are.

“Any increase for a League One or Two club is valuable because we always want to increase our revenue,” said Derek.

“If clubs further down the pyramid are getting extra money from a TV deal, as, rightly or wrongly, we don’t feature much on Sky, it’s the Premier League clubs and the Championship clubs that filter the money down to us because they are trying to look after the game.”

“We probably get more money than we are due. We don’t have a lot of live games, a lot of Championship clubs and a lot of Premier League clubs do. The TV rights are sold to watch them. We have got to be fair.

“If you had to look at other nations, we have got to remember we are the third and fourth tier of English football, we probably get more than a second-tier, or even a first-tier team, in another country.

“The best teams are the ones that people want to watch. You will never keep everyone happy, any increase in revenue is appreciated by myself, as a manager"

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