Populate the Right Areas

WHEN a team is struggling for results, it is natural for supporters to question strategy, personnel and approach.

Argyle are no different in this respect but manager Derek Adams believes in a formula that has yielded success over the past three years, which, in basic terms, hinges around the fulcrum of a central striker. 

“I’ve had to do this [discuss tactics] many times since I came to the football club and, if you look at a number of teams, it is about populating the areas of pitch where you can control it,” he said.

“You either play with a sitting midfield player or a player off the front, or you play with two players off the striker and it’s about getting support to the striker.

“If you play with two up front, it can actually become easier for the two centre-halves because they know their jobs. If you play with one in the hole, it’s gives a problem to the opposition. Does the defender come in with the striker or does he leave him?

“If he does go, it can leave the striker with a one-on-one or an overload down the side. We’ve been very successful playing in that manner during my time at the football club.”