Window Challenges

IT has been a difficult January transfer window for many clubs in the EFL, according to Pilgrims’ manager Derek Adams.

The brinksmanship in action during January’s transfer window has left many clubs waiting until the final week for confirmation on proposed deals, but Derek has no desire to pay inflated fees or sacrifice his search for quality in order to acquire quantity.

In the end, Argyle brought in Oscar Threlkeld and Lloyd Jones on loan, while Peter Grant and Gregg Wylde left Home Park, and Calum Dyson joined Stevenage on loan.

“For all clubs it’s been a difficult window, there hasn’t been a huge amount of movement from teams, but we’ve taken in Threlkeld and Lloyd Jones, while Peter Grant and Gregg Wylde have moved out,” said Derek.

“It’s been troublesome because of the way the January transfer window has been. There’s been a lot of difficulty from all clubs in it and, as you can see, everybody is clamouring for the same players.

 “We’ve obviously worked through our list, and we have to go for the player that’s value for money. Some clubs in the January transfer window will overpay, that happens, and we’ve seen that.

“We’re trying to get in a good quality player, we’re not just going to take in players to make up numbers. We’re going for players that the top teams in the division are going for, and it becomes difficult. There’s a whole host of teams that are trying to get the same players that we are at this moment in time.

“Obviously we’ve missed out on a good number of players over the January transfer window.  You’ll probably see today that there’s a bit of movement from ones that we’ve missed out on.”

“I’m not worried. We’ve good a good squad. I sat down the other night with [assistant manager] Paul Wotton, and we agreed that we’ve got a very decent squad here that we feel can finish the season strongly.”

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