Tournament With Torquay

A WEEKEND of Devon derby football actually started with a special day for some players in the very early stages of their football journey.

As far as we know, this was the first time enthusiastic young footballers had come together from Argyle Community Trust and Torquay United Community Sports Trust for a tournament day.

Brilliantly hosted at the Goals Soccer Centre, players from the Argyle Long-Term Player Development scheme and Torquay’s TQ1 Club got stuck in for a day of football, with the added bonus of a Home Park tour.

Such was the interest in Devon football, BBC Radio Devon even carried a feature of the Torquay players heading to Home Park (1 hour 51 minutes into the show) on Thursday morning.

Well done to both Trusts for arranging the tournament day and please visit Argyle Community Trust for the full range of football, sporting and lifestyle programmes we run.