VIDEO: Conor's Surprise Visit

Ahead of World Mental Health Day,  Argyle midfielder Conor Grant surprised a local supporter with a home visit this week.

Zak Brown, an Argyle season-ticket holder, has been a member of the Argyle Community Trust's 'It's a Goal' programme for a little while now, which combines the social benefits of playing football with mental health support and therapy.

Zak initially thought he was receiving a visit to conduct an interview about mental health, a topic he is very passionate and outspoken about, with the Argyle media team, only to be surprised by the appearance of Conor - who brought a squad signed first-team shirt with him.

If you, or somebody you know, are suffering from mental health problems, and would like some support, visit

The Argyle Community Trust also delivers a number of mental and physical wellbeing programmes with members of the local community. Click here to visit their website.