Zero Tolerance on Abuse

In light of recent high-profile examples across football, we are keen to reiterate that the club holds a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse and discrimination, in all of its forms.

In line with our Values of Respect and Community Focus, we consider it our responsibility to take a proactive stance in dealing with incidents of abuse and discrimination, whether online or in-person, at Argyle.

As a transparent and fan-centred club, we invite, and welcome, challenge from supporters, but personal abuse – of staff, players, officials, supporters, or opposition - will not be tolerated.

While the vast majority of our supporters show humanity and respect - even in criticism – the club has received reports of a number of incidents in which comments have crossed the line into abuse, and this is simply not acceptable.

We are committed to inclusion, and strive to eliminate intimidation, victimisation, and discrimination from our football club, so that supporting Argyle can remain an environment accessible to all.