Beware Fake Replica Shirts

We have been made aware of a number of counterfeit Plymouth Argyle products appearing for sale online, mainly through various Facebook groups.

These fake products have nothing to do with Plymouth Argyle Football Club, and the only way to buy legitimate Argyle merchandise is through the Argyle superstore and website.

We’d like to thank fans who have made us aware of the various products that are appearing online, and would encourage anyone to report this to us as soon as you see anything.

Your support for our merchandise this year has been incredible, and it all contributes to a stronger Plymouth Argyle. Purchasing poor quality fake merchandise from other sellers does not.

Our brand protection agency Back Four are working diligently through all reports and arranging for the removal asap.

Following the incredible success of Argyle's Home, Away and Third Kits this season we have placed a large re order which is due to land in the Argyle Superstore within the next couple of weeks. Those who have pre-ordered will be notified shortly when they have been despatched or are ready for collection. Pre-orders are still available for our record-breaking Home Shirt

We would like to thank you for your patience while we have worked through delays with kit supplier Puma, and look forward to seeing even more of you in Green and Gold both at home and away matches for the remainder of the campaign. 

How can I tell if it’s fake?

The only place you will be able to purchase official merchandise is online at argylesuperstore.co.uk or at the shop at Home Park. The majority of fakes currently circulating are plainly so. Most notably, embroidered Puma Cats where the stitching has pulled in too tight and puckered the shirts.

Both home and away kits have been actively advertised for sale online.

See below for some examples.


If you do see any counterfeit products online, please get in touch via argyle@pafc.co.uk