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Final Big Green Lottery Winners

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The final Big Green Lottery draw has taken place and we are delighted to announce over £11,000 handed to our fantastic members to complete 14 years of the Big Green Lottery. 

The last winner of the Grand Annual Draw to win £10,000 was Mr Ray Bartlett from Cornwood (member 357). 

Ray has been a member since the BGL started under the former name of the Argyle Foundation in 2008 and was naturally thrilled to complete his membership with the big prize.  

Ray said: “I’ve been an Argyle fan since 1967 and my first game was away to Carlisle with my mate Alan. We worked on the railway and left before lunch to get up there for an evening game. 

“It was my first proper football match and then we watched a game with Huddersfield at home. It stuck with me from there. 

“I signed up for the Argyle Foundation in 2008, just to play my little part in helping our younger players. It is great to win the prize and even better to see how well the team is doing at the moment.” 

The Big Green Lottery Rollover also has a final winner of £1,100 and congratulations to John Williams from Merton Abbey, your cheque is on the way. 

A massive thank-you to all BGL members for their amazing support of the Argyle Academy down the years, it has been greatly appreciated. 

While the door closes on the BGL, we are in the advanced planning stages for an alternative initiative, which will take us to a new level and it would be fantastic to see BGL members leading the charge. We will be in contact with BGL members and the broader Argyle fanbase in the near future, with details on our exciting new scheme.                                            

Final Weekly Winners on the BGL                                            

£100 - Ian Gough from Plymouth (member 1167)                                          
£50 - Melvyn Sykes from Plymouth (member 1922)                                                    
£10 - Mrs Olney from Plymouth (member 684)                                               
£10 - Brian Davey from Plymouth (member 1089)                                                 
£10 - Nicola Donovan from Plymouth (member 1259)                                                  
£10 - Mr Coon from Plymouth (member 99)                                                  
£10 - Chris Ward from London (member 1744)             

Weekly Rollover                                                          

7, 19, 20, 27 – Winner                                 

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